Privacy of Re-newtab extension

For all functions (except the functions mentioned later in this page) and non-login user, Re-newtab does not collect or store your personal data on our server. It only uses Browser internal data in your browser locally, like bookmarks, apps, downloads, history, etc. Status information is saved locally. It may loads website's favicons from these external sites. User settings of this extension are syncd by the Browser internal mechanism (

For login user, we only use your basic profiles(e.g. name and email address) for this extension.

For Google Drive, Google Calendar and YouTube widgets, it gets your data from your browser directly. It may cache some data locally in your browser, it doesn't store your data on our server.

For Google translate widget, it doesn't record translate contents, it only records the amount of usage.

For Todo and Notepad widgets, it only stores widget data on our server when cloud mode is enabled. No one can see or use your data in the cloud, and no data share to third parties. Changing to local mode in widget settings will delete cloud data.